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PostAPet.com.au allows sellers a secure directory website to make and post ads for pets and animals they would like to sell. It also allows buyers a secure place to search for pets and animals they wish to purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to operate within the law. It is sellers and buyers responsibility to obey the law within their state in Australia. The user of PostAPet.com.au must not be fraudulent, misleading, cause offence, or break any laws while using this site. This includes complying with all laws aimed to protect  the welfare of all animals. If you suspect fraudulent activity in a post please contact us at PostAPet.com.au on the email admin@postapet.com.au


You must not post any pets or animals that are sick, diseased or prohibited within your state or territory. The following dogs are prohibited to be sold and posted:  the Tosa-Ken and Japanese Tosa  Mastiff,  Dingo, American Pit Bull Terrier, Brazilian Mastiff, Argentinean Mastiff, and Canary Mastiff.


Any person under the age of 18 is not permitted to post or purchase a pet or animal on PostAPet.com.au

In each state and territory, you must contact the appropriate authorities to register your domestic pet implanted with a unique identification tag (Microchip number).  We recommend buyers view and inspect and do their due diligence before purchasing a pet.

When posting a dog or cat for sale, giving away or re homing, you must include the microchip number for that animal in the post and include the sellers source number in the post.


Sellers allow PostAPet.com.au to have full rights to the advertising and images that you post. This allows PostAPet.com.au to use that post in our advertising.


PostAPet.com.au will remove or cancel any post if it is considered inappropriate, fraudulent or a prohibited pet or animal.


All posts on PostAPet.com.au a must act in accordance to our posting policy and must include correct images and original content and information of the pet.


When you register on PostAPet.com.au as a seller, we will be asking you to provide the following information and you will agree to these conditions which are:


The contact details of seller, suburb, telephone number and email, which will be advertised in the post for buyers to contact sellers. A valid phone number and email must be used on registration.


As a buyer, any personal and contact information you post when contacting a seller will be shared with the seller.


All other information, will be available to PostAPet.com.au administration, who will have access to your account and therefore your personal information.


PostAPet.com.au will not be held liable for the accuracy of the post on the site. All posts prior to posting will be reviewed. If found fraudulent or inaccurate we will be removed.


PostAPet.com.au allows Commercial sellers to purchase advertising packages that can be selected on the website.


PostAPet.com.au accepts only credit card payments. Visa and Mastercard are the only cards accepted, processed using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) with a locked padlock image displayed in your browser indicating a safe and secure portal. PostAPet.com.au use eWay as a secure credit card payment provider. We do not store your credit card information.


PostAPet.com.au will never ask you for your log in information or credit card details by email or text. Please do not provide this information to anyone online and avoid being scammed. Delete spam messages without opening them on your computer. Do not disclose or share your password or username with anyone.


Any transactions between sellers and buyers are private and PostAPet.com.au is not involved in these transactions. Therefore PostAPet.com.au take no liability. Please make sure all pet transactions are safe and secure for all parties involved.

As a PostAPet.com.au user, it is your responsibility to comply with the PostAPet.com.au Terms and Conditions.

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